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About Strengths Innovation Asia

STRENGTHS INNOVATION ASIA was founded with the passion and desire to make the Strength-based Philosophy and Solution Focused approach work for each of our client and to spread the effective use of the Strength-based Philosophy and Solution Focused approach in the Asia Pacific Region.

Our aim is to provide the highest quality Leadership and Strategic Development, Coaching Engagement, Training and Career Services possible that deeply impact individuals, transforms organizations and produces significant and lasting results. 

We are a major proponent of the Strength-based Movement, in fact we have been pioneering and reaching out to the Asia Pacific Region for the past 12 years. Our key strengths that make us compelling to our client-partners :

  • Leadership Development via the Strengths-based Approach
  • Organizational & Coaching Development via the Solution-focused (SF) Approach
  • Strategic Development via Appreciative Inquiry (AI)


Our Vision

Transforming Organization Through Strengths Innovation.

Our Vision


Our Mission

Provide Innovative Solutions To Illuminate Strengths Of Leaders And Propel Positive Change.

Our Mission


Our Beliefs ad Core Values

1. Inspire Greatness
2. Illuminate Strengths
3. Immerse in Passion
4. Innovate Solutions


Discover the Leader in You with our Strength-based Leadership & Strategic Development