Is SF a Systemic Approach?

“ I s SF a systemic approach” is a question that leads into all sorts of quagmires and muddles. It can be likened to questions like “Is Pizza a US-American dish?” It all depends on what you mean by “Pizza” and what you mean by “USAmerican dish”...Read more


Monika Houck: Applying SF in Lufthansa Systems Kft

Monika Houck was the CEO of Lufthansa Systems Kft in Budapest from 2007 to 2012. In the last 25 years Monika has been both a manager and a coach within different companies of the Lufthansa group. As a leader, she was responsible for global sales and key account management....Read more


‘Learning from success’: A close look at a popular positive psychology course

This article is a case study of an undergraduate course in positive psychology taught by Dr Tal Ben-Shahar. The course has been taught three times between 2004 and 2008 in the Department of Psychology at the Harvard University. It is currently being taught at the School of Psychology...Read more


Virtues and character strengths for sustainable faculty development

For this special issue about teaching Positive Psychology, I show how the virtues and character strengths are at the heart of an interdisciplinary faculty development program. They can be pragmatic responses to the critical incidents encountered during a semester, and serve as stimuli for continuing reflection and sustained renewal...Read more


The Importance of Happiness at Work

Globalization. Technological advances. The ongoing recession. These are just some of the factors the Economist identifies as causing major shifts in the world of work. But throughout the report another theme emerges. Time and time again, the Economist emphasizes the fundamental change occurring...Read more


Developing StrengthS or WeakneSSeS: Overcoming the Lure of the Wrong Choice

One of the basic questions facing everyone creating a personal development plan is the fundamental question of whether to focus attention on correcting faults and failings or whether to focus on building strengths. Like many questions that appear simple, there are some interesting complexities...Read more


The differential effects of solution-focused and problem-focused coaching questions: a pilot study with implications for practice

Coaching is increasingly being used as a means of enhancing performance, development and well-being, and effective questioning lies at the very heart of the coaching conversation. But what constitutes ‘‘effective’’ questioning in coaching? Should such questions should primarily be focused on analysing problems...Read more