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Career Coaching

Career Coaching helps you to recover the quality of life by rediscovering your personal vision and purpose. As the environment changes rapidly, the need to audit the changes within you is just as important. We coach you to take ownership for your career management and initiate life direction and work content alterations.

This Career Coaching Program specially prepare for professionals in their 20s, 30s and 40s regardless of their educational background or profession, to reach their potential and succeed in their career path. We coach you to take ownership for your career management and initiate life direction and work content alterations through step-by-step Career Coaching and guidance.

This Career Coaching Program is designed to plan, facilitate and implement on your career development with focus on the following:



Clients will learn to:

  • Compile a record of your primary wants, preferred skills, motivated interests, core values and job role content preferences.
  • Sort out your real from their perceived constraints in achieving work life goals.
  • Write a detailed Career Action Step Proposal with strategies to address your realities and concerns.
  • Work out alternative options for your career direction.
  • Work out alternative options for their career direction.
  • Compile a portfolio ready to help implement your chosen career action step.
  • Connect your personal goals to opportunities and resources around you.



5-Stage Approach – 6 hours

  1. Discovery Stage – Self Assessment, clarification, employment experiences, preferences and lifestyle considerations.
  2. Analysis Stage – Identifying transferable skills, career requirements, lifestyle integration and constraints.
  3. Opportunity Awareness – Gathering information, reality testing, networking and selecting career action(s) options.
  4. Decision Learning – Evaluating Career Action Options, Decide on Goals and Prepare Career Action Step Proposal.
  5. Transition Stage – Developing strategies for success, career action preparation and review of completed career action steps.



 Career Coaching


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