Corporate Development Program for Personal Effectiveness, Managerial Competence & Leadership Essential


Corporate Leadership Development ProgramPersonal EffectivenessManagerial CompetenceLeadership Essential

Leadership Excellence

The Holistic Approach to Building Leadership Excellence

We believe that the making of a great leader requires the amalgamation of the following areas:

As such, our modular programs (also known as Corporate Leadership Development Program) are crafted and designed specifically to equip leaders with comprehensive focus on leadership development. Besides Corporate Leadership Development Program which focuses on Personal Effectiveness, Managerial Competence and Leadership Essential, we also offer staff development programs to build high performance teams for the company.

Embracing Strength-based Approach, Solution-focused strategy and other unique techniques, Strengths Innovation Asia assist in building one’s talents and strengths towards becoming a great coach, leader, manager and/or a great team.


Senior Leader As Coach

A positive revolution is quietly spreading through the world of organizational and personal change. Across the globe coaches, leaders, managers and trainers are discovering the positive power of the Solution Focused Approach.

Applying a strengths-based...Read more


Leadership Coaching Skill

In the current turbulent economic times and uncertain business conditions, coaching has emerged as one of the most critical leadership competencies for any executive. More than ever, leaders need to know how to maximize the...Read more


The Trance-Formational Leadership Program

In today's highly competitive business world, many people feel overwhelmed by the demands of their work and personal life and as a result, they may feel lost and lack the desire to succeed. It isn't that our goals are not achievable; it's that we lack mental capacities, self-motivation, energy, and resiliency to achieve our goals...Read more


The Influential Leadership Program

Leadership is more than a title. People will only ever follow a title to the degree they are required. Building strong leaders and high performing teams to meet the challenges of tomorrow is critical to ensure effectiveness, increased profits, reduced cost and sustainable growth...Read more


The Outstanding Manager

The OutStanding Manager Program helps team leaders and managers build management competencies through self-assessment, facilitattion, group discussions, case studies and group exercises.

This ‘how to’ workshop will help managers, leaders and professionals to broaden their...Read more


The Solution-Focused Manager

The Solution-Focused program seeks to reframe managers' perspective towards problem solving at work. Instead of the usual looking for the root causes of a particular problem, managers are introduced to a contemporary future-focused technique called the Solution-Focused Approach...Read more


Building High Performance Teams

Teams come in all shapes and sizes, and are used to do many different things. Each team has a unique set of needs and concerns. Building an effective work-unit team is different than building other...Read more


Probortunity Program

This program provides an overview and a practical of the rational management processes, which have been taught to and adopted by organizations worldwide for over 40 years. This program will give you a proven, research-based...Read more


Become a more versatile and capable leader or team. Join our Corporate Leadership Development Program &
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