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Ee Mong Lan

Mong Lan is one of the Directors at Strengths Innovation Asia and together with Kevin, she heads the Chinese Market division. She has a real passion in Leadership and Talent Management & Development. She believes everyone has his own share of potential and advantages. Given the right direction, they would be able to develop those potential and advantages fully. Being an experienced facilitator and moderator, she has the ability to create an environment which is relax, full of learning, fun and sharing throughout the day for all her participants in Leadership Development Program or Talent Management Development Program. Her participants will be inspired to unleash their potentials and confident to take bigger challenges in life.

Mong Lan also shines due to her insatiable desire for learning. She constantly seeks out new learning methods to improve her knowledge and skill in training. Some of her many accolades include Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certified Practitioner and Time Line Therapy practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, MLVK Assessor and Internal Verifier, and has also gone through Australia Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training (Competency Based Training and Education) Program. She is currently a Certified Solution-Focused Coach registered with Canadian Council of Professional Certification.


Mong Lan