Extended DISC

Business with people

Would you like to have a better handle on your retention, turnover, and succession planning? How about defining and understanding successful behaviors for your employees and teams?

Finally we have assessments that provide results for behavioural change, not just analysis reports. Extended DISC® assessments are pragmatic, concise and easy-to-use.


What is the Extended DISC® System?

The Extended DISC® System is the most advanced assessment system currently available. It provides us a framework to help us make the necessary adjustments to achieve our objectives. This framework is easy to learn, use, provides practical action plans to enhance performance levels of individuals, teams and organizations.

It provides customized and powerful reports on individuals, teams and organizations. Value is created only when we put assessments into practice.


How does the Extended DISC® System works?

Extended DISC® System is an Internet based system. Our customers constantly marvel at how easy it is to use.

  1. The questionnaire takes 10 minutes on line.
  2. One selects information that one requires.
  3. Information is thereby, instantly stored in your database for convenient access



Why should I use Extended DISC® System?

To improve the performance of your employees, teams and organization.


Extended DISC® tools

Extended-DISC® is a set of seven integrated tools. However, the assessment reports are only the starting point. The system answers the most important question: “How do we use this valuable information to improve performance?”

This is where the Extended-DISC® creates the value.

  1. Extended DISC® Personal Analysis
  2. Extended DISC® Public Style Analysis
  3. Extended DISC® Team Analysis
  4. Extended DISC® Team Assessment – 360 assessment
  5. Extended DISC® Job Analysis
  6. Extended DISC® Work Pair Analysis
  7. Extended DISC® Team Alignment