Outstanding Manager/Leadership Program: StandOut Assessment Uncover Your Strengths


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The Outstanding Manager

The Outstanding Manager


Program Synopsis

The OutStanding Manager Program is a Leadership Program which helps team leaders and managers build management competencies through Strength-based self-assessment like StandOut Assessment by TMBC, facilitation, group discussions, case studies and group exercises.

This ‘how to’ workshop will help managers, leaders and professionals to broaden their choice of efficient and effective methods for working with their employees and clients. The skills shared can easily be integrated into their every-day business conversations.


Program Objectives

Times are changing, Organizations are changing and most importantly our Talents are changing. With all the change that’s happening, we can no longer use yesterday’s solution for today’s problem. The Strength-based Outstanding Manager Program has two clear goals: which are to make Managers more effective at managing others by means of using Strength-based philosophies, one of today’s most advance leadership concepts. And secondly how to enhance the Manager’s own personal effectiveness, consequently become a more outstanding manager. One of the best ways to understand what drives performance and excellence is making oneself an excellent performer. This Leadership Program involves knowing and managing oneself and others through individual and group exercises, for instance, have the popular StandOut Assessment by TMBC employed in the class to discover one’s strengths and so to put them into the workplace.


Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to:

  • Acquire knowledge about the Strengths Philosophies from the latest thought leaders like Strength-based Leadership, Appreciative Inquiry (AI), Positive Psychology, The Marcus Buckingham Company (TMBC), the Solution-Focused Coaching and Positive Deviance.
  • Learn, Understand, Appreciate, Inquire and Internalize the general behaviors, attitudes, & approaches of The Strength-based OutStanding Manager.
  • Design appropriate Leadership & Human Capital related strategies, policies, & systems to maximize the talents of an OutStanding Manager consequently build up a strong employer brand for the organization.



Course Coverage:

  • Knowing Self
    • Why Strengths?
    • Myths & Truths
    • The StandOut Assessment by TMBC
  • Managing Self
    • Identifying your Strengths
    • Enhancing your Strengths
  • Knowing Others
    • 4 Main Strengths Style
    • Engagement strategies, Leveraging on Strengths
  • Managing Others
    • Deliberate Practice
    • Strengths at Play
    • Making Strengths Stick



Duration: 2 Days


Be an Outstanding Manager/Leader. Join this Leadership Program with StandOut Assessment