Employee Development Program: Leadership Coaching Skills & Soft Skills Training


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Leadership Coaching Skill

Leadership Coaching Skill


Program Synopsis

In the current turbulent economic times and uncertain business conditions, coaching has emerged as one of the most critical leadership competencies for any executive. More than ever, leaders need to know how to maximize the potential in their employees, while motivating them to improve business results, and which, Leadership Coaching Skills and Soft Skills Training come into play. Coaching is the art of developing and enabling others to succeed and helping them adapt to changing organizational needs. This action-oriented Employee Development Program provides a foundation to further your effectiveness in setting a direction, instilling hope, and re-establishing or developing trust. Importantly, you will have an opportunity to apply these principles toward your current day-to-day leadership challenges.


Program Objectives

The purpose of this Employee Development Program is to start equipping new managers with effective corporate Leadership Coaching Skills and Soft Skills throughout extensive and interactive Training. As new managers begin their transition into their new roles, moving from an individual contributor to a manager, they will require specific new skills to get things done through others. The Leadership Coaching Skills program highlight specific change in techniques used to groom subordinates for success. The ultimate aim of the program is to help managers raise awareness of the subordinate and generate responsibilities for growth.


Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Develop your skills as an effective coach and learn how to apply these in executive leadership roles.
  • Learn a practical process for conducting coaching conversations.
  • Know how to apply different coaching techniques to various audiences, including direct reports, peers, bosses, and virtual teams.
  • Become more effective in steering teams through unexpected
  • which positions employees for rapid development



Course Coverage:

  • Introduction to the Coaching Style of Leadership
    • About Coaching: who, what, how?
    • “Solution Focused Welcoming Experience”
  • Benefits of Coaching
  • BRIEF Coaching Model: Basic methodology and implementation process
  • Understand the Pillars of coaching
    • Basic Coaching Competencies – Listening, Questioning, Messaging, Affirming, Building Trust & Relationship
    • Learn how to create ‘coachable’ moments that build confidence, motivation and ownership
  • Self Assessment
    • Group Presentations - Know the different styles of a coach
    • Understand your own coaching style and assess your suitability of being a coach
  • Feedback & Feed forward Exercise
  • Solution-Focused Approach



Duration: 2 Days


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