Probortunity Program:Solution-focused,Strength-based Training for Effective Decision Making


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Probortunity Program

Probortunity Program


Program Synopsis

“Begin with the end in mind” Dr. Stephen Covey

Probortunity Program provides an overview and a practical of the rational management processes, which have been taught to and adopted by organizations worldwide for over 40 years. This Probortunity Program will give you a proven, research-based, rational method for resolving problems and improving your ability to develop practical solutions. In today’s highly competitive business environment, managers are dependent on their analytical thinking so that they can use effective decision-making skills to deal with today's more complex business issues and outperform the competition. With the effective Strength-based Training alongside Solution-focused Approach, one will recognise his/her own strengths and capabilities, facilitate insights of a complicated problem or situations and make sound decision.


Program Objectives

A fundamental competency for individuals in any capacity is the ability to make sound, meaningful decisions based on limited information and data. This workshop focuses on developing the analytical and critical thinking skills in managers in order for them to make effective decision and derive practical solutions to problems. Effective thinking skills, comprising both creative and critical thinking are essential to ensure our success in our endeavors, and which can be achieved upon the completion of our Strength-based Training utilizing Solution-focused Approach.


Learning Outcomes

The broad objectives for this module are to enable participants to:

  • Develop creative and innovative solutions
  • Apply a range of Solutioning strategies across different work areas
  • Use Situation Appraisal to evaluate the challenges facing your organization
  • Make sound decisions when the choice among alternatives is unclear
  • Use strength-based and solution-focused methodologies to seek new possibilities
  • Question incisively to access relevant information for better decision making



Course Coverage:

  • Introduction to the Concept of “Probortunity”
    • Explore the myths of Solutioning
    • Describe the concept of Probortunity
    • Understand the Strength-based Philosophy
  • What are the 10 Barriers to Effective Decisions
  • Strength-based and Solution-focused Principles
    • Exploit the strengths rather than weaknesses
    • Use solution-based approach as part of decision making process
    • Leverage on what works
  • Envision Your Desired Outcomes
    • Methods to Generate & Evaluate Alternatives
    • Develop objectives and establish a priority for each objective
    • Evaluate the alternative courses of action and assess the risks involved in each
  • Potential Problem / Opportunity Analysis
    • Uncover potential trouble spots and vulnerable areas in any plan or project
    • Tackle future opportunity with a new degree of confidence
  • Creative Thinking in Solutioning
    • Accelerate our thinking skills
    • Use different types of intelligences for creativity
  • What is the Ethical Framework for Decision Making
    • Compare and contrast values and virtues
    • Clarify your perspective and uphold your personal ethnics



Duration: 2 Days


Unlock Your Strengths in Decision Making.
Join Probortunity Program with Strength-based Training & Solution-focused Approach.