Dr Ben Furman

Dr Ben Furman (MD) – Ben is a well-renowned Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, author and co-Director of the Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute He has developed programs like ReTeaming, Twinstar and Kid’s Skills. He hosts his own TV show...Read more


Dr Marco Ronzani

Dr. Marco Ronzani is an experienced, consultant and speaker who works internationally in solution focused organizational development and he coaches CEOs, executives, teams, couples and families....Read more


Janine Waldman

Janine Waldman is an executive coach, consultant and facilitator. She has trained numerous managers, in–house and professional coaches in the Solutions Focus approach in the UK and abroad. Janine has coached managers and designed...Read more


Paul Z Jackson

Paul Z Jackson is an inspirational consultant, designer, facilitator and coach. As a journalist, a senior producer with BBC Radio and as the founder of the More Fool Us improvisation comedy team, he has prompted...Read more