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Paul Z Jackson

Paul Z Jackson


Paul Z Jackson is an Inspirational Consultant, coach and facilitator, who devises and runs training courses and development programmes in Strategy, Lleadership, Teamwork, Creativity and Innovation. He has trained more than 1,000 coaches in the solutions-focused approach; coaches senior executives and police officers; is a supervisor for the Brief Therapy Practice diploma course.As an Inspirational Consultant, Paul inspire, enlighten and motivate individual in terms of Creativity and Innovation, and inject solutions-focused Strategy in Leadership and Teamwork building. His expertise in improvisation, accelerated learning and the solutions focus approach has attracted corporate clients and public organisations, ranging from London Business School to Procter & Gamble, from local authorities to top five accountants and Greenpeace UK.

Paul draws on his experience as a print journalist, a senior producer with BBC Radio and as the founder of the More Fool Us improvisation comedy team.  He is a co-founder of both SOLWORLD and the Applied Improvisation Network.  A graduate of Oxford University, contributor to management journals and keynote speaker at international conferences and workshops, he lives in St Albans. His books include Impro Learning, 58½ Ways to Improvise in Training, The Inspirational Trainer and (as co-author) The Solutions Focus – Making Coaching and Change Simple and Positively Speaking.