Solution-focused Program: Strength-based Leadership Training for Remarkable Performance


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The Solution-Focused Manager

The Solution-Focused Manager


Program Synopsis

The Solution-Focused Program seeks to reframe managers' perspective towards problem solving at work. Instead of the usual looking for the root causes of a particular problem, managers are introduced to a contemporary future-focused technique called the Solution-Focused Approach. In essence, this approach starts with the end in mind, and instead of looking backwards for clues on how and why the problem arise, managers plan forward and describe a preferred future and start looking for resources to achieve it. This approach uses strengths and resources that are already inherent to the managers and is known as Strength-based Leadership Training. When managers start with what they have and work on enhancing and leveraging on the said resources, they gain traction and momentum. This program will introduce the managers our “Coaching for Performance” and a process of solution building where the managers build self-confidence while creating a more effective environment at work.


Program Objectives

In a competitive environment, being efficient and effective can very well be your next competitive advantage that differentiates your organization from your competitors. The Solution-Focused approach is a faster route towards getting things done than the old model of problem solving. This Solution-focused Program will enable the managers to manoeuvre around daily operations such as: conducting meetings, managing performances, recruitment and hiring, motivating staff, managing teams, and project manage with better ease. This program promises to introduce managers to a management technique that leverage on building strengths and capabilities that ultimately improves performance and engagements at the based on exclusive Strength-based Leadership Training and Coaching for Performance.


Learning Outcomes

  • Learn and understand what is the Solution-Focused (SF) Approach.
  • Learn the techniques of using Positive Language and Solution-Focused Conversations.
  • Get introduced to the Solution-Focused Management Technique: How to Conduct Effective SF-based Meetings, How to Set Future Perfect Goals, Advance Questioning Techniques, Coaching for Performance.
  • Get introduced to Strength-based Leadership.



Program Outline

  • 1What is the Solution-Focused (SF) Technique
    • The SF Tenets
  • Solution-Focused Communication
    • Leveraging on Positive Language
    • The SF Conversation
  • The Effective Solution-Focused Manager
    • Conduct Effective SF-based Meetings,
    • How to Set Future Perfect Goals,
    • Advance Questioning Techniques,
    • Coaching for Performance
  • Strength-based Leadership for Effective Team Management
    • Identify team members' Strengths and Resources.



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