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StandOut Assessment

StandOut Assessment

StandOut is both an Individual and Team Workplace Application Assessment. It is business-focused, as the report has sections to help you build on your strengths in leadership, management, customer service, sales, and forming your ideal career. The slogan is "Find your edge. Win at work." This StandOut Assessment promises to help you stand out in your professional work environment. The purpose of the strengths assessment is not to affirm, but rather "to help you accelerate your performance and contribution."


What do you learn from it?

There are a total of nine strength roles, and you get your complete role ranking, and the focus is on the top two.

Your top role is highlighted in gold, and the report not only defines the term, but also explains when you are at your most powerful, how you would describe yourself, how to make an immediate impact, how to take this to the next level, and what to watch out for in this role if you over-use this strength. Your secondary role is highlighted in silver, and includes all of the same information.

Subsequently, the assessment shows what happens when you combine your top two roles. The early studies and research into strengths has been largely siloed – how do we label and define strengths separately and what are the implications of individual top strengths. There has not been much work into strengths constellations or how strengths work together. StandOut takes a step forward in this direction.

By combining your top two roles, you access a new report that explains how your strengths interact and what your comparative advantage is in the work world. This report goes into detail about how to build your ideal career, as well as how you could win as a leader, manager, or in client services or sales.



This StandOut Assessment would clearly appeal to people - Individual or Team, looking for a Workplace Application, something that other strengths Assessments have shied away from so far. Career coaches would have a great time administering this assessment to their clients, and it is likely be a strong tool for team-building and awareness.


Individual & Team Workplace Application Assessment


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