Influential Leadership: Influence & Persuasion, Keys to Effective Communication


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The Influential Leadership Program

Program Synopsis

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." ~ John Quincy Adams

Leadership is more than a title. People will only ever follow a title to the degree they are required. Building strong leaders and high performing teams to meet the challenges of tomorrow is critical to ensure effectiveness, increased profits, reduced cost and sustainable growth.

The Influencial Leadership Program skill for today's leader is the ability to influence people to achieve an aligned goal. Strong Leadership builds Champions, and Champions in turn build companies and profits. What would happen to your revenue if every business leader, manager and person on the team takes personal pride and ownership to achieve breakthrough results?

This powerful and inspiring program taps into the depths of the most fundamental and important quality that today's Leader or Manager must have - the exceptional Influencing Skills, which are the Keys to Effective Communication and Influential Leadership.


Program Objectives

Your ability to communicate, connect and lead others defines your leadership qualities. Whether you are chief executives, managers, or supervisors, you need to have excellent influencing skills to lead your team, sell your products, and convey your message effectively. The ability to influence yourself and others is essential to your success.

Excellent communicators and managers use their influence to achieve desired outcomes. Becoming an influential leader is about influencing others in an intentional and purposeful manner rather than accidental, random and hit-and-miss fashion. Anyone can be influential, not just people in positions of power or responsibility. Influencing skills can be learned and mastered.

This program reveals the hidden techniques that top leaders use unconsciously to influence others and get what they want! You will also discover the techniques like Keys to Effective Communication and The Power of Influence & Persuasion on how to conversationally influence the people around you on a deeper and subtle way. You will master these simple but profound tools of Influence & Persuasion to enhance your chances to win in every negotiation, exert your influence Power to the highest levels, and bring your team to achieve breakthrough results.


Learning Outcomes

The expected outcomes of this module are to enable the participants to:

  • Establish credibility as a respected leader.
  • Communicate with high-level stakeholders in a confidence way.
  • Engage your team to align and co-create to achieve common goals.
  • Pin-point the various behavioral styles of leaders.
  • Adapt your own styles of dealing in a given situation and task.
  • Apply appropriate influential strategies for win-win situation.
  • Understand the inner psychology of how people process information .
  • Apply advance language patterns to influence others.
  • Build instant rapport with people to win their trust and earn their respect.
  • Master the techniques of persuasive communication.



Course Coverage:


 Ø What Makes a Leader Credible & Influential? 

  • Earn your credibility as a Leader.
  • Build your personal reputation.
  • Increase your credibility = Influential Leaders.


 Ø Understanding the Inner Psychology of Human Behaviors :

  • How the mind process information and form reality of the world.
  • Perception vs Projection.
  • Thinking – Feeling – Action – Behaviors – Results.


 Ø Keys to Effective Communication :

  • Golden Rule vs Platinum Rule.
  • 3Vs of Communication in relation interpersonal influence.
  • Apply preferred representational system to achieve communication mastery.


 Ø Non-Verbal Influencing Techniques :

  • Eye-pattern Strategy.
  • The Power of Matching & Mirroring.
  • Use Unconscious Body Language to influence.


 Ø Persuasive Language Patterns :

  • Apply the 12 Most Influential Words.
  • Use Agreement Frames to influence decision.
  • Practice Hierarchy of Ideas to gain agreement without resistance.


 Ø Influencing People with Different Personalities :

  • Dentify the 4 Main Behavioral Styles.
  • Increase understanding of different behavioral characteristics and tendencies.
  • Communicate in a way that is most compelling to each type of personality.


 Ø Inspiring Story-telling :

  • Develop your ability to tell inspiring story to convey your message.
  • Engage the listener's emotions, not just their logic.
  • Use curiosity as the catalyst to change.


 Ø The Power of Influence & Persuasion :

  • Explain the 7 Laws of Influence.
  • Apply the top 3 secrets of influence to increase your persuasion power.
  • Develop influencing strategies that work for you.




Transform into a Highly Influential Leader & effectively communicate, influence & persuade others.